Hello, Technofriends!



Today I have the pleasure to share with you "Dream", 50th Electronic Music Universe, Techno session in this special issue 50.


Thank monitoring, input and support in these 50 sessions that I hope will be many more;   Motivation, enthusiasm and excitement not missing more Electronic Music Univese;-)



"Dream" is a commemorative session in which I wanted to convey that energy that comes to me from large and small details, experiences, situations and moments of all my technofriends. I have tried to convey the strength, energy and good vibes that this kind causes us more than one. I hope you enjoy this tribute I want brindaros for all that aportáis me to go on. :)


 Techno is more than just music. Is passion, harmony, peace, hope, friendship, disconnection, art, history, culture ... life ... a dream come true that makes traveling wherever the body does not allow us.





"En un nuevo amanecer
cuando la luz hace su presencia
allá donde los sueños se confunden con la realidad
dos rayos de luz opuestos convergen en una estrella"


Alex Draxel






Hola Technofriends! Hoy tengo el placer de compartir con vosotros “Dream”, 50º Electronic Music Universe, sesión...

Publicado por Alex Draxel en Miércoles, 27 de julio de 2016