I bring this time "Forever2", 49th Electronic Music Universe (Dark Techno).


This set was made last July 2 in Granada (Spain). Surrounded by

a fantastic atmosphere both people and place.


Granada had much influence on me a while ago in my conception of Techno and

was very special for me back there to expose my music now.

This city has something very very special ...


Well, to say about the people I was ... just brutal! The mere presence with them, makes things

flow very positively in all aspects. Great friends, great people, great music lovers, great lovers of Techno, great DJs ... HUGE hearts ... Honestly, is all set every time we get together. Flowing energy, positivism and joy difficult to compare. Pure and magic.


I thank that you are part of my life. Share with you experiences, laughter, worries, concerns, music ... ufffff really wonderful ... I love you so much it is very difficult to say goodbye to you when the time comes ... wishing it reaches the next !.


My little tribute to each and every one of you is, how could it be otherwise,

this glimpse of the many hours I was clicking (this time we've got tired of pricking all lol).


Acknowledge that influence and always positive and constructive contribution that each offers.

different yet so similar styles. B2b those we have marked as fun and enriching ... anyway, in the end I'm getting excited and throwing and much less ...



You will always be in my heart forever ... .FOREVER.