On this occasion, I want to introduce you "Mille2", session Deep Tech for lovers of Techno deep, imaginative and dreamy.


This set I want to dedicate exclusively to my followers in Mixcloud and that many are also here. You are already more than 2000 in this platform and, sincerely, it is something that reaches me very deep and that I thank you enormously.


I started to use it to go storing my sets to have them reachable on any device and place comfortably and, of course, have a copy on the net. Little by little I started to see people following me and giving "likes" to my sets. I will never forget the first one ... Thinking that there was someone who shared some of my musical tastes, who enjoyed this just like me and who also valued it ... ufff for me, it's really something magical and one last!


I think the purpose of all this of music is simply that, sharing feelings and enjoying. There is a lot more but this is the essential thing in my humble opinion, but what is the meaning?



So what, Mille2, is my little homage in the way that I know you like ;-) I hope you enjoy this dreamy and mental journey.



"Close your eyes, listen and open your mind; Techno will do the rest. "