I present you "Inside" 47th Electronic Music Universe, Detroit Acid Tech Live-session.

This time I bring a different job to all of the above in terms of technique realization. It is a live set made by drum machine and synthesizers. A technique of execution in which there are no previous musical selection or remixed tracks, "simply" mix is ​​drawn from various sounds and mixing machines at the time. I stress it "simply" because for me this has been one of the most complex projects I had in mind and that after so much learning, training and study, I decided to upload to share this result.

It is a set in which the sounds are appearing to try to feed our imagination to deeply listen. The result has been a session that is evolving towards Techno flowing from inside me in the execution. Has some very progressive parts unhurried flowing and smooth transitions did the bulk of the track created at the time. What transitions really is very complicated in this type of technique ... ;-) ... But when certain parts reach their development ... me cause me an ecstasy! ...


So I hope you enjoy this sound Detroit-Acid Techno harvested through various stimuli, places and people in recent days.


Thank you very much to everyones!