This time I present "Redemption", 45º Electronic Music Universe, Techno session pure and hard.


This set comes from admiration to a companion of whom I have learned and I learn with the exquisite technique and that wisdom in the history of the Techno that possesses.


Most of this set is due to him, I explain; Had in mind to realize a set with a musical selection that made a kind of trip in the history of the Techno. To do this, I needed help; Someone who had lived all this from its origins and who also kept alive the spark of this art.


I know, fortunately a lot of people who know and maintain it, but there was someone who fit perfectly into what I was looking for, Cesar Ceron Marin, a real crack, genius and underground figure!.
It was he who made me a selection of themes representative of the Techno and that when I passed that selection ... Uffff !! ... what a tracks! It was just what I wanted and exceeded what I imagined. To understand this story nothing better than say it with music!


Thus in this way is born this journey in the History of Techno pure, dark and underground. It is a pleasure to share this with lovers of this genre and I hope you enjoy it! :)


To you my friend, to thank you for sharing this art with me, I hope you have some beautiful things came out, it was a real challenge to fit so much thrill :)


Thank you all for sharing this with me!