The Core


This time I have the pleasure to

introduce my latest work called

"The Core"

Techno session made entirely

with vinyl.



I was born in this musical world in the digital era, well,

have access to decent to learn and master the vinyl because

it is not something very affordable dishes.

But after much sacrifice and savings I could get my hands on

some decent dishes and some vinyl few months ago.

Could not consider someone who

wants to Techno Underground without controling

these devices, pioneers in this genre and fundamental

part in its infancy.



So, after much consultation, learning and other

(... and what remains !!! ;-))

I decided to launch a set made 100% vinyl.



I want to share with you this amazing journey which I are

taking these wonderful analog sounds that have something

that makes them so special ... Perhaps its mystique, perhaps

its extreme difficulty, perhaps its imperfection or simply are

those bass that uffff ... .

to lead to core of the Techno ... :)



In previous Electronic Music Universe I've been getting some

but I never climbed mixed analogically one whole.

I hope you enjoy it and not be the last.



Thank you very much for your valuable time and enjoy it! ;-)




"If you are looking for the wolf, you will find the beast"