This time I want to introduce you to "Forever". A very very special set for me by the people who were in the moment that I realized it.


This set is a tribute to a party that very well titled "El Fiestón del Siglo XXI" and, frankly, that name was ideal, that was brutal! Lovers of music, good people, good harmony, fun, friendship ... FOREVER!


I have chosen this final piece that I had the pleasure to perform in an environment that was simply suitable for a bit of Deep Tech with dark nuances, in my humble opinion hehe. Past already the fattest of the 21st Century Fiestón, quiet, in peace and harmony, to end this for me was something very special. I hope I have captured in this set all those adjectives that I use to describe you and leave a tribute in your honor in the form of, of course, music that we enjoy so much that night. All with the same spirit gathered in a parenthesis of our already busy lives. Forever young. Forever music. Eternally united ... Forever. ;-)


I do not want to forget the rest of you who spend your precious time listening to things that I'm uploading. Thank you always!